Reconcilable Differences

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We encourage our clients to retain counsel early with attorneys who understand mediation. Read our article about the role of review attorneys in the mediation process, or contact us to learn more.

For Attorneys

Transitions Mediation Center offers a number of services to divorce attorneys and their clients:

Clients with limited resources
Transitions can work with your clients at all stages of the divorce process, from pre-filing to post judgment. We specialize in high-conflict cases, particularly involving children. We can help your clients who no longer have the financial or emotional resources to continue in litigation. They remain your clients; Transitions simply helps them bring tough issues and impasses to resolution. Then they return to you for final settlement review.

Collaborative law practitioners
Mediation can serve a vital role in the collaborative law process. This growing field is changing the way many people get divorced. At Transitions, we are experienced in working with collaborative teams. As an attorney, William Donahue is also trained as a collaborative law practitioner.

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